Jan 18, 2020
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Use this link to send us your comments (or e-mail CropComments@agweb.com) about the crops in your local area. Be sure to send us your photos and videos! Comments will be edited for brevity and clarity. (Please keep your comments crop-related.)

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Here's a sampling of what some folks are saying: 


  • 5/13 - Western Wis.: 2013 all over again corn belt getting planted in good shape and Mn,ND and Wis struggling. Just hoping for a average crop at this point and that is fading with everyday were delayed. 4 inches of rain last 5 days and very cold this week couldn't wait to get 2013 behind us then it's twin 2014 showed up.

  • 5/13 - West Central Minn.: I am one of the few in this area to have 100% of corn planted. I was a bit surprised in my travels yesterday to find some of the best corn producing ground in Minnesota with little planted so far. It appears that LP is going to be very difficult to get this fall. We have had several inches of rain in the past few days and forties for temperature.

  • 5/13 - Lancaster County, Neb.: Rain on Mother's Day, nice to see moisture but 3-5 inches in a short time with wind, hail and tornado's. Blew out some new terraces and even took the tile out of a 6' trench, cut through the normal little ditches and took subsoil and residue along with it. No matter how hard we try you can not control mother natures fury. I would estimate 80% of the corn in and 30% of the beans but all over the board to farmers being done with both to barely started on corn

  • 5/13 - Morrison County, Minn.: Manure is hauled but no crops planted. Cold and wet. Hoping to get some corn in by end of the week and maybe switch over to soybeans before going back to "silage" corn. ARGH, what a horribly cold and wet spring. Pastures looking good, however.

  • 5/13 - Cass County, N.D.: We have not turned a wheel. Another 1.5 inch rain on saturated soils. At least 10 days of drying needed. One neighbor planted 320 acres three weeks ago. No one else go in. This will be the latest start in 35 years of farming even considering have 8 floods during those years.

  • 5/13 - Hendricks County, Ind.: Finished planting on Saturday afternoon. A few shower came through on Sunday but most didn't amount to much. Corn and beans planted 2 weeks ago needed that little shower. We could use a good soaker. It was a nice spring to get field work done in this area. Close to 100% corn planted and I would say at least 50% of the soybeans in the ground in our neck of the woods. Should start side-dressing NH3 in the next day or two if we don't get some of the scattered showers they have promised. Thank the Lord for His goodness. I can only plant He has to water, make the sunshine, and make things grow. Please be careful it is a busy stressful time.

  • 5/13 - McLeod County, Minn.: Haven't put one kernel in the ground. Some farmers have gotten a few acres in (10% maybe)- way too wet and cold. We have had over 5 inches of rain over the past 20 days. Rained last night again another 1.60", adding to the total. Lucky to get going by May 20th. Still being positive as we need moisture rather than a drought.

  • 5/13 - Faribault County, Minn.: Starting to look like last year. Very cold and wet. Not good weather for the little bit we did plant. There is a lot of corn left to plant, ground is saturated with a cool wet forecast.

  • 5/13 - Northeast N.D.: Raining here again this past night and morning and temperatures are still cold had evening low of 37 and has taken until lunch time to reach 40 degrees. Fore caste is for cool wet week and warm up by end of the week but still chances of rain going into next week. A little field work did happen on Friday and Saturday I think a few of neighbors got piece of wheat seeded before rains on Sunday. Last years PP fields are extremely wet and frost is still pushing moisture up keeping the ground wet. We need sunshine and warm temperatures but is getting serious here we are getting late here to plant a crop and ground conditions are far from ideal with this wet and cold weather. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 5/13 - Shelby County, Ohio: Planted all corn & soybeans in 4 days some of the best soil condition I seen in 20 years. Got 1.2 inches of rain last nite, just the rite amount.should all come up even now.be safe and hope all goes well for everybody.

  • 5/13 - Nobles County, Minn.: Awful Spring here weather wise. Corn is all planted and about half the beans. But, corn is very slow at developing just too cold! Corn has been in ground 17 days and not even thinking about coming up yet. Give it another two weeks. As for the beans, just got some I the ground. Then last night got a good pounding gully washer. We will have extreme crust problems in our area IF it ever warms up and dries out. Heat is what we really need. These weeks of 50 degree highs and low 30's for lows are getting old! But we should be used to it. Been a long time since we had a nice Spring and crops came up without problems.

  • 5/13 - Platte County, Neb.: Finished corn and beans Saturday. Most people done with corn and just a few days or beans left. Some pivots around here were running Saturday, I suppose mainly to water in herbicide and fertilizer, but got .75 inch of rain Sunday and Sunday night. South 50 miles got 4 to 5 inches of rain and north 50 miles got .15 of rain. Early planted corn 2-3 inches tall with good emergence.

  • 5/12 - Fillmore County, Minn.: We ourselves have 70% of the corn in here. Some farmers are less then half around the area. Cool and wet and raining again this morning. We are hanging on as far becoming to wet. NW of Rochester had areas of 4+-" of rain last night. We were lucky with only a half inch so far. More rain forecasted for the rest of the day. however. No soybeans in the ground here yet to my knowledge.

  • 5/12 - Weld County, Colo.: We endured 3 weeks of wind and heat and planted deep to try and find moisture. Started raining several days ago and this morning we have 3 inches of snow on the ground after 2" of rain. Tomorrow morning temps to drop to 24 degrees. Crazy Colorado!

  • 5/12 - St. Francois County, Mo.: Over 80% complete planting corn. Rained Friday and not looking promising for progress this week. Wet early then cool to finish the week. Corn planted last Sunday is up! Good shape moisture wise here. Pastures growing like crazy! Be safe out there.

  • 5/12 - Mercer County, Ill.: Started corn May 5 finished corn May 9 planted 1400 acres in five days. I held off in April glad we did as April corn planted around here is requiring a rotary hoe . Start on beans today.

-- Mercer County, Ill.

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  • 5/12 - Southwest Iowa: Finished planting corn on Saturday a lot of people started planting beans late last week. Early planted corn has emerged and stand counts look near perfect. Received .8 of an inch of rain Sunday morning and glad go see it. Good luck to all & be safe! we are truly blessed in SW Iowa!

  • 5/12 - Brown County, Minn.: its ugly here cold and wet rain for the whole week 12 thru17TH and highs 55 and lows 33

  • 5/12 - Wells, Ind.: Finished with corn, down to 70 acres of beans. Can't move Ditching Machine with tractor and planter so will be delayed for awhile. God is still God and God is still Good!

  • 5/12 - Williams County, Ohio: Finished corn on Thursday and beans on Friday. Need rain real bad very dry.

  • 5/12 - Lac Qui Parle Minn.: 50% corn planted. No soybeans. More rain in forcast and still cold here. Need the rain but would be nice to get crop planted.

  • 5/12 - Wilkin County, Minn.: Planted wheat for 13hrs april 22nd. nothing since. Don't have a lot of hope for planting this week. Sugar beets and wheat need to be in now. might cancel corn for this year. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 5/12 - Morgan County, Ill.: Most all corn planted and up looks great,finished beans thursday the 8th some acres emerged looking good. total acerage on evergreen farms 3,150 crop acres.

  • 5/12 - Southwest Ind.: More rain today has halted field work once again. Lots of ground being worked and Anhydrous going on the past week. Some corn that got planted on April 26 has just emerged. Doesn’t look too good. Lots of drowned out spots and corn that didn’t emerge. It had 3" of cold rain on it which formed a thick hard crust on top. Wheat has been looking pretty good but not as good as last year with a lot of slight yellowing in a lot of areas. Lots of heading going around here in earlier planted wheat. Should be pollinating soon. It has been a late cold spring. Hope it dries out soon to get the rest of corn into the ground. Nobody around here has even thought about planting beans yet. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

 Corn Emerging 2014 cc 5 12  WHeat Heading 2014 cc 5 12
-- Southwest Ind.

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  • 5/12 - Swift County, Minn.: The latest drought monitor map still has us listed as being in a drought. Very little progress has been made in the area because of extreme rainfall and cold temps. If we are considered as a drought, I would sure hate to see what they consider as surplus moisture.

  • 5/12 - Douglas County, Minn.: 5-10 White frost on ground & roofs this am. about 2" plus rain in the last three days. Lows of 30's & highs of 50's this coming week. Not much planting going to happen then. Maybe 5% corn in ground, no beans, some still planting wheat. Starting to look like last season of end of May planting or prevented planting. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 5/12 - Southeast Ind.: Finishing an experimental variety, its a long way up to the top!!

 Manual labor 57 bag cc 5 12
--Southeast Ind.

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  • 5/12 - Wabash County, Ind.: Finished corn and beans May 7. Some of the best conditions in a long time.

  • 5/12 - Pepin County, Wis.: Finished all the irrigated sands and moved to our heavy ground. Got 1/2" rain and will be waiting awhile. Repeat of last year again. Good luck to all.

  • 5/12 - Stanton County, Neb.: Will finish planting corn today and move right into soybeans. Nothing emerged yet in this area. My first corn was planted 4/23, I hope it pops out this weekend. Keeping our fingers crossed for rain Sunday.

planting cc 5 12
--Stanton County, Neb.

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  • 5/9 - Wright County, Minn.: Nothing planted yet, 5" of rain last week and 2" yesterday. Last year all over again!

  • 5/9 - Cheyenne County, Neb.: checked the rain gauge this morning; 1.4 in. last night. It came as a combination of rain and snow, the ground was white this morning. We had 5 days of 40mph wind from last Friday till Tuesday, gusts to 70 mph. A lot of wheat on lighter ground is gone. The rest of the wheat has wind burned leaves. Lots of winter wind damage to bare fields over the winter. Chiseling in Jan. didn't help. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 5/9 - Cherry County, Neb. & Todd County, S.D.: 75% Corn planted 100% popcorn planted. Start soybeans next couple of days.

  • 5/9 - Nelson County, N.D.: Maybe 2% wheat planted. no soys , maybe 2 % corn planted. Normal is closer to 50 % or better , in my opinion. It is very wet very cool , with cold ground temps, a repeat of last year. Many farmers abandoning thoughts of planting corn. The whole state is very cold and wet. Very little planting has occurred. With the dry down south and the cool wet here, I would be looking for the market to start heating up. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  wet wheat flood cc5 9
-- Nelson County, N.D.

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  • 5/9 - Northwest Wis.: The first corn was planted this week into cold soils. The sandy soils are being planted while the heavier soil types are no where near ready. Soil temps hit 50 degrees at 4 inches today for the first time in 2014 as our temps climbed into the 70's. .25 in of rain so far in the last 24 hrs has slowed activity for the day with more on the way. We have been strip tilling our ammonia and dry fert down on the most well drained fields.

tillage snow cc 5 9
-- Northwest Wis.

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  • 5/9 - Columbia County, Wash.: Some of the best looking wheat with new varieties with seemingly unlimited potential at this point. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 5/8 - Watonwan County, Minn.: Finished corn Tuesday evening. Got herbicide sprayed over top on corn yesterday. Is raining this morning, text book timing! Somebody turn up the heat, please!

spraying cc 5 8
--Watonwan County, Minn.

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  • 5/8 - Poweshiek County, Iowa: Done with corn and 50% of beans in the ground tonight. Rain on the way. Some early planted corn is pretty slow coming out of the ground. Corn at least 80% done and soybeans 25%. Everybody be careful!

  • 5/8 - Waupaca County, Wis.: Very wet and cold, rains every couple days and not much progress.

  • 5/8 - Brown County, Kan.: Most of the corn is planted, a good portion can be rowed. Soybeans are going in at a rapid pace.

  • 5/8 - Ward County, N.D.: No field work of any kind has gone on. Fields still to wet from last fall and the rain will not stop this spring. Forecast calls for rain all week and below normal temps.

    wet field cc 5 8  wet field 2 cc 5 8
-- Ward County, N.D.

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  • 5/7 - Knox County, Ill.: Planters running like crazy. Saw my first field of emerged corn on May 6th. Corn planted in cold, wet ground on April 26th is sprouted has sprouted, but it's going to take a rain or a rotary hoe to get it up through a hardening crust.

  • 5/7 - Stearns County, Minn.: Planted 100 acres of corn yesterday and hope to finish here today. My uncle is planting now and I am heading out to relieve him. Tile is definitely paying off this year. Hopefully start soybeans next week after the rains blow through.

  • 5/7 - Jackson County, Ill.: planting resumed on Monday. Everybody was running on Tuesday. I would guess 30 to 40% of the corn is the ground. A few guys have started beans. For the most part on conditions are good, not great . Good luck to all.

  Tillage cc 5 7 planter cc 5 7 planting cc 5 7
-- Jackson County, Ill.

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  • 5/7 - Minn.: Wheat. Been in ground 3 wks not up. Corn in ground 3 wks not up not sprouted. Wet 4 inches of rain more coming. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 5/7 - Putnam County, Ohio: Everyone is out and hitting it hard! If the rain holds off we should be all done with corn by Friday.

  • 5/7 - Walsh County, N.D.: Light rain showers again today. Yesterday I took a drive across a couple sections in one of the big tractors just to see what the ground conditions really looked like. Soft and muddy! Last year we started seeding on May 17.....this year looks to be about the same. Praying for sunshine and warm temps.

  • 5/6 - Morrison County, Minn.: Some corn being planted on sandy soils. Farmers just trying to get manure applied before it rains again. 2"-3" of rain forecast for the rest of the week into early next week. Alot of silage corn will be planted again this year. Good thing for crop insurance and prevent-plant. The goood news is the alfalfa survived really well under the 4 feet of snow we had all winter. Expecting to get corn in the last 2 weeks of may and soybeans in early june.

  • 5/6 - Norman County, Minn.: Been a cold wet spring. managed to get a quarter of wheat planted April 22nd. We have had 4" of rain and cold since. Not sure how that quarter will fare. expect to replant the low areas or maybe the entire field. that is alway a tough call. corn is still in the bag waiting for better conditions.

  • 5/6 - Piatt County, Ill.: Corn 90 percent done Beans planting well underway Some done with soy also

  • 5/6 - Northeast Neb.: I know alot of guys are still kicking the dirt (mud in some places) and are worried if they will get all their crops in on time. But just remember that last year at this very same time we only had 11% of corn planted. After todays report we have 29%. Im not saying that this year will be better than last, but as a whole everything turned out just fine last year (for most). So dont worry fellas, mother nature and god always have their ways for making things come out in the end. Safe planting to all!

  • 5/6 - Mabton, Wash.: Corn plantning half done and asparagus harvest well underway with an early start and good conditions. Cooler than normal with rain and wind exspected this week.(5/1)Triticale harvest has started for the local dairies with silage to be planted soon after.

harvest crop comments  
-- Mabton, Wash.

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