Feb 28, 2020
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  • Teach and practice ATV safety on your farm
    Teaching and practicing ATV safety habits will prevent members of your family from becoming a statistic. Inspect the machine. Never ride on public roads. Never carry a passenger on a single-rider vehicle. Ride an ATV that’s right for your age. If you’re a first-time owner, educate yourself.
  • Three ways to make the farm a safer place to play
    Outdoor play is a wonderful way for children to grow their minds and bodies, plus spring provides pleasant weather for playing in sandboxes, on playground equipment, or in the yard. Grinnell Mutual makes the following recommendations to keep your children playing safe during planting.
  • For farm equipment, it’s one driver. No riders.
    Many farm vehicles do not have safe spaces or safety restraints for passengers. Bumps, ditches, and uneven terrain can knock a passenger from a tractor. Passengers, especially young ones, can distract drivers and interfere with the safe operation of a farm vehicle. “Everyone thinks it doesn’t happen to them and it won’t happen to them. It only takes one time,” said Vicky Hartgers, farm claims manager at Grinnell Mutual. “Accidents happen, no matter how careful you try to be.”
  • Give teenagers appropriate tasks and training on the farm
    To ensure a good experience for you and the teenagers working on your farm, Grinnell Mutual encourages you to take time to train them. According to the National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety (NCCRAHS), teens respond best to hands-on training. “Take the extra time,” said Vicky Hartgers, farm claims manager at Grinnell Mutual. “Teenagers unfamiliar with agriculture may need more guidance at the beginning because they don’t understand the things that can go wrong."
  • Five tips to burn your brush
    Today, local fire departments will respond to an average of 915 brush, grass, and forest fires per day, according to data from the National Fire Protection Association. Nearly half of these fires are caused by high winds, hot embers, or debris and waste disposal, and many are preventable by planning and monitoring your burn. That is why Grinnell Mutual recommends following these five tips to plan your burn.
  • Six habits to hitch your farm equipment safely every time
    Many of the 2.2 million farms in the United States are stirring to life, preparing fields for spring planting and transporting livestock. Grinnell Mutual recommends taking a few extra moments to inspect your farm equipment and properly hitch it to your farm vehicles. Inspecting equipment and proper hitching may help prevent an accident on your farm this spring.

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