Jan 23, 2020
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Database History

Farm Journal pioneered database development in the early 1960’s, building an extensive database of farmers and ranchers. What initially began as a circulation project, evolved into the development of the most current and comprehensive database of agriculture producers in the U.S.

Later in the decade, Farm Journal’s database powered the development of "selectronic printing." As a result, Farm Journal print editions were among the first to include content and advertising customized for individual farmers and readers. Then and today, neighboring farms often receive completely different copies of Farm Journal, with literally thousands of versions being printed each issue.

AgWeb—the number one agriculture website—also is able to precisely target media and messages by virtue of the powerful Farm Journal database.

The core FarmReach database includes over 4 million historical producer records and identifies approximately 1,000,000 active decision makers across all segments of U.S. agriculture.

Each Farm Journal database record is multi-sourced from a blend of government compliance data and primary sourced data, in addition to direct qualification by the producers themselves based on these important criteria: 

     · Decision-maker status (Owner, Owner/Operator, Operator, Farm Manager, etc.)
     · Product purchase behavior (seed, equipment, other inputs, etc.)
     · Ag chem retail location
     · Farm practice and management information

Today, Farm Journal’s industry leading database is used by a wide-range of clients—large and small—including equipment manufacturers, ag-chem companies, retailers, banks, land/farm managers, and direct marketing agencies.

The Farm Journal database, through its magazine titles, is audited by the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) and is the only agriculture database provider that fully discloses both the demographic content and age of the demographic update on its audit statement.