Oct 19, 2019
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MarketWeeklyeNewsletter AgWeb has streamlined the eNewsletter program to send six eNewsletters but includes topical and targeted modules within its daily eNewsletter to get the right information to the right readers at the right time.

User benefits:

  • Fewer eNewsletters for our busy farmer readers.
  • More target topical articles, expanding topics like agronomics, precision agriculture, irrigation and more.

Advertiser Benefits:

  • Placing these modules within the daily eNewsletter, historically AgWeb's most opened and clicked eNewsletter, ad performance should be even better.
  • These modules are semi-exclusive, meaning there is only on 300,250 and one advertorial slot available per module.
  • Each targeted module will be delivered to a larger audience than the individual eNewsletters.
  • More opportunity for adjacency to special content, like agronomics, precision agriculture, irrigation and more. 

    For more information about advertising with AgWeb, visit www.AgWebAdvertise.com.

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Beef Today's Cattle-Exchange eNewsletter is delivered electronically to 75,000 beef producers each Monday. Target your product and services to reach the most cattlemen in this unique medium, associated with the fast-growing cattle marketing tool in America. 

Regular Feature Sections
  • Highlighted Listings: The most recent listings fromCattle-Exchange.com highlighted withphotos and summary details, generatinghigh producer engagement.
  • Cattle Market Wrap Up: Beef Today Cattle Market Wrap Up is areview of the previous week’s marketsand how they will impact the coming week’s cattle trade.
  • Beef Today News: Top news headlines delivering theselect information that is of greatestimportance in running a cattlebusiness.