Jan 23, 2020
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Farm Journal Advantage

Farm Journal stands apart from other sources. But, Farm Journal is now taking its multi-sourced methodology to entirely new levels. 

Government compliance data—Federal, State, and Local—serves as the foundation, augmented by other proprietary data and direct qualification by the producers themselves. Unique to Farm Journal, however, is our ability to leverage the 22,000,000 "touches" that we deliver monthly through the vast array of Farm Journal websites, broadcasts, events, educational programs, and publications. We are routinely collecting, organizing, and analyzing the engagement and behavioral data from these touches to deliver a producer profile that simply can’t be found elsewhere.

For example, Farm Journal’s # 1 website in agriculture—AgWeb—has approximately 325,000 unique visitors on average, per month. With each visit, we are able to aggregate valuable, behavioral information about groups of farmers and describe them—collectively—using geos, demos, farming practices, brand preferences, etc. As users engage AgWeb 24/7, our knowledge and insights about these farmers increases significantly week-to-week.

In addition, Farm Journal employs tried-and-true methods to insure foundation data is accurate and collect additional data:

     · 600,000 e-mail, mail, and telephone surveys are conducted each year.
     · Approximately 69% of core data is updated annually; 93%is updated every two years; 100% is updated every three years.
     · Government compliance data is updated annually; NCOA & CASS validation performed every quarter

The government compliance data acreage consistently matches with NASS measures, so it is reliably accurate for market analysis, sales territory identification, etc.

Of course, Farm Journal and our database customers regularly use the data and the results speak for themselves, particularly when measured by consistently high deliverability rates.

Finally, the Farm Journal team represents perhaps the most significant advantage: expertise and an unwavering commitment to our customers. The Farm Journal family of associates includes data analysts, marketing specialists, and expert agronomists. So whether we can help interpreting the data or in fully utilizing it, the Farm Journal team stands ready to blend their knowledge and expertise with the data so you can achieve the anticipated goals and ROI.