Jan 23, 2020
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Farm Journal Data

Farm Journal is the industry leader in database solutions. Anchored by our core database, the FarmReach file provides deep and comprehensive information on U.S. farms, farmers and ranchers. In addition, we have developed and maintain multiple databases that serve agribusinesses throughout the world.

Farm Journal’s best-in-class databases are used by a wide-range of clients—large and small—including equipment manufacturers, ag-chem companies, retailers, banks, land/farm managers, and direct marketing agencies. Global brands and local businesses trust Farm Journal data for direct marketing, analysis, modeling, forecasting, and more.

Clients frequently cite the Farm Journal database as their most important data set, second only to their own customer list. 

Data is our business. So, of course, accuracy is necessarily important to us. But, our rigorous validation efforts are driven by reasons beyond a commitment to quality; but, out of respect. You see, we understand that many of the farms in our database have been in the family for generations and they care—deeply—about the farm name.

While critically important, names are only the starting point. Farm Journal’s database includes nearly 20 contact selects, more than 55 core data selects—including foundation geo and demo data—and more than 300 crop selects, including speciality crops. Yet, databases need to be as dynamic as the industry and farmer behavior they represent. Hence, new data selects are routinely being added including behavioral, brand preferences, farming practices, etc. 

Already, Farm Journal stands apart from other sources. But, Farm Journal is now taking its multi-sourced methodology to entirely new levels.

Government compliance data—Federal, State, and Local—serve as the foundation, augmented by other proprietary data and direct qualification by the producers themselves. Unique to Farm Journal, however, is our ability to leverage the 22,000,000 "touches" that we deliver monthly through the vast array of Farm Journal websites, broadcasts, events, educational programs, and publications. We are routinely collecting, organizing, and analyzing the engagement and behavioral data from these touches to deliver a producer profile that simply can’t be found elsewhere. 

To learn more about Farm Journal’s Database Solutions, call Robert Boling at 847-268-3294 or e-mail rboling@farmjournal.com.