Oct 14, 2019


Let’s Give Hunger an Expiration Date

Hunger is a global issue. The roots of hunger are complex, and the solutions to end hunger are ongoing. HungerU is an initiative of the Farm Journal Foundation designed to educate college students about the significance of modern agriculture and how it affects the world’s food crisis.

HungerU is a 2,000+ square foot exhibit is outfitted with customizable message boards, flat screen TVs, staff, interactive games, and contests.

The tour launched in Fall 2012 and by the end of Spring 2014 will have visited almost 50 campuses. Along the way we have had powerful and inspiring conversations that have made us think about the future. You can read our thoughts and follow our adventures at HungerU.com or follow us at @hungerutour and #hungercantwait.

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Kubota RTV Xperience

The RTV X-Series from Kubota Tractor Corporation features three diesel models, the RTV-X900, RTV-X1120D, and RTV-X1100C.

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Wyatt Bechtel
The Lineup
Kubota is rolling out a new lineup of RTV-X utility vehicles.




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