Oct 14, 2019

Ag Education

Does your family or friends from the city consider you, a farmer, a hero? It’s a funny concept to think about, but they should. Farmers and ranchers are those responsible for supplying a safe and abundant food supply.

But, when’s the last time you were thanked for your food-producing duties?
Farmers Feeding the World helps tell the story of modern agriculture to a public increasingly removed from the farm. It’s a story of miraculous productivity and farmers’ passionate stewardship of life on Earth. It’s a story that will help people understand what it takes to provide the best food supply in human history.
The widening disconnects between those who grow food and those who eat it needs to be bridged to increase the understanding of who farmers are and their importance. That understanding will also reduce the likelihood of extremists and anti-agriculture behavior.
With our goal of telling agriculture’s story to 1 million consumers, we will not only inform but also educate the general consumer on the importance of sustainable, commercial agriculture.
To reach these consumers, we will deploy a mobile exhibit that will make multiple appearances throughout the United States beginning in 2011 at venues where large consumer and farm audiences mix.
Here are two renderings of what the mobile exhibit will look like:

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Farming Fast Fact

50% of the total value of agricultural products comes from nine states:

1. California (11.4%)

2. Texas (7.1%)

3. Iowa (6.9%)

4. Nebraska (5.2%)

5. Kansas (4.8%)

6. Illinois

7. Minnesota

8. North Carolina

9. Wisconsin




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