Oct 19, 2019

Agriculture's Development Journey

A farmer in the U.S. today feeds 155 people annually, whereas a farmer two generations ago in 1920 fed 19. In large part, sustained public investment helped U.S. agriculture along its journey by creating an environment enabling higher productivity, better practices and resource management, and economic growth.

As the world’s population increases by more than 2 billion people by the year 2050, expanding nutritional needs will require all farmers across the globe to rise to the challenge of producing more food while mitigating the impacts of water scarcity, a changing climate and constraints on arable land. Investments in modern agricultural development empower smallholder farmers in low income countries, many of whom live with hunger and poverty, to provide their families with adequate nutrition and stimulate economic growth.

The U.S. government shares vision and support with low income countries, helping them develop their agriculture sectors in ways that are specific and relevant to their own journeys. Let’s explore how renewed commitment to modern agricultural development is impacting the agricultural journeys of five case study countries.

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