Oct 14, 2019

A Letter from Board Member Kip Tom

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As a producer, it is this time of year we start to see the results of our labor, our management and hopefully some cooperative weather. Every production season is unique in its own way and this one has been no different. You would think after farming for 38 years you would see one or two years alike, but I don’t believe I have. What has been consistent is significant year-in-year-out productivity gains driven by sustainable science and innovation and resulting from adoption of technology; adoption essential as we as individual farmers and as an industry are asked to create more with less.
But even with gains in productivity, we find a growing number of the people with which we share this place called Earth continue to lack proper nutrition due to their level of income or poor access to basic food resources. Why the disparity we should ask? Is it education, access to food, or government policy or some other unknown reason? What I do know is that we as producers have abundance not only in supply, but in knowledge and in our relentless willingness to give help to others. That is what Farmers Feeding the World is about.
Farmers Feeding the World will serve as one of the leading platforms to more effectively channel resources, education and the story of American agriculture’s unparalleled productivity gains. Farmer Feeding the World will also communicate how we will leverage our resources and technology to produce 70 percent more food for a population that will swell to 9 billion people by the year 2050. 
Given nearly 1 billion people lack proper nutrition already today and in the face of the growth in population to 9 billion in the near future, we have a challenge. I would like to ask you to help with this challenge: contribute to Farmers Feeding the World to help those less fortunate and to tell your story – the story of the American farmer – along the way. Even though Farmers Feeding the World will receive support from many of the multi-nation agricultural companies, each of us as individual farmers are critical stakeholders and we need to become engaged. 
It is my hope and that of my fellow Farm Journal Foundation board members that you too will help us and the many other farmers from across the country support this cause.
Kip Tom
CEO and President, Tom Farms, LLC
Member, Board of Directors of the Farm Journal Foundation



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