Oct 19, 2019

National Agriculture Day 2014

NationalAgDayFarm Journal Foundation is pleased to announce a formal sponsorship of the National Ag Day celebration on March 25, 2014, in Washington, D.C. In addition to its platinum partner level sponsorship, the Farm Journal Foundation’s anti-hunger platform, Farmers Feeding the World, will host its flagship education and advocacy program, the HungerU Tour, in Washington, D.C. During the Ag Day events, the Foundation will also kick off its Farm Team program.

"Our focus as a foundation is to rally a diversity of voices to fight hunger and spread awareness about the important role agriculture will play in alleviating world hunger. This event is an exciting way to interact with a diverse group of stakeholders and engage them with our unique outreach and advocacy efforts," said Charlene Finck, President of the Farm Journal Foundation.

The theme of this year’s activities, "Agriculture: 365 Sunrises and 7 Billion Mouths to Feed," provides the perfect backdrop for bringing the HungerU Tour to the Beltway. The traveling exhibit engages university students nationwide in a conversation about world hunger, raises awareness of this crisis and highlights the contributions that agriculture makes in fighting hunger. Tour hosts use interactive materials and educational games to create a fun, engaging atmosphere of critical thinking and dialogue about the global hunger crisis, then drive students to take action.

Visitors are given the opportunity to join the thousands who comprise its cutting-edge national advocacy network so they can stay informed about hunger issues and take action to fight global hunger. Supported by DuPont Crop Protection, SFP and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, HungerU has traveled to 32 colleges and universities since the innovative awareness campaign launched in fall 2012. This semester, the Tour is scheduled to visit 16 universities, as well as National Ag Day. For more information, see www.HungerU.com.

During the Ag Day celebration, the Foundation launches its new Farm Team program, an education and advocacy outreach effort that empowers visiting producers who are passionate about fighting world hunger to engage with their representatives in Washington. The teams unite farmer voices in a rallying cry against hunger to raise political awareness about global hunger and agriculture’s response while inspiring continued U.S. leadership on these issues.

Focused on increasing public awareness of agriculture’s vital role in society, the Ag Day celebration includes events and activities that engage the general public, policymakers, mainstream media, universities, youth and the business community. More information can be found at: http://www.agday.org/.

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