Oct 19, 2019

Family Farms

Farming is all about families. The majority of U.S. farms, some 9p% according to the latest USDA data, are family farms.

family farmingFood doesn’t just magically appear on grocery shelves and in restaurants across the world. Food is the labor and toil of some of our nation’s hardest workers – family farmers.
The American farmer today is part businessman, part scientist, part geneticist, part marketer, part philanthropist and part policymaker, with countless other roles and responsibilities in addition. Many would have you believe that as farms have grown larger and more business savvy that the family farm is threatened and that caring and stewardship no longer guide the production of food and fiber in this country. Those same many would have you believe that "modern agriculture" is inherently unworthy of the generations of trust American's have placed in the American farmer and that the farmer is no longer the bastion of American values he once was.
The fact is the foundation of all business and production decisions a farmer makes is the same agrarian ethic upon which this nation was founded and from which the image of the American farmer as the backbone of American society was formed. He runs a family farming business, he cares deeply for the land and resources for which he is responsible, and he invests freely of his time and resources to better his community and the lives of others.
Meet some of Ohio’s family farmers:

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Farming Fast Fact

In 2007, there were 306,209 female principal farm operators, a 30% increase from 2002.




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