Oct 14, 2019

What Your Gift Means

When you make a donation to Farmers Feeding the World, every dollar counts. We don’t care how many zeroes are at the end of your gift, as even a few makes big differences in the lives of those who are hungry. A gift of even $10 means that you’ll provide 50 meals for hungry Americans—or that $10 will help to buy a goat that will be given to a hungry family in a developing country. That family will also be trained how to use the milk from that goat for both nutrition and for income to provide other needs for the family; and when that goat has an offspring, that family is required to pass the gift to another needy family. 

The Farm Journal Foundation’s Farmer’s Feeding the World program will make sure your donation counts. Won’t you join thousands of other farmers in a community effort to help these hungry people? Any level of donation helps: 


Here are the different donation levels we have:



$10: A share of a goat, pig sheep or provides 50 meals
$25: A share of a water buffalo or provides 125 meals
$50: A share of a heifer or provides 250 meals
$100: The gift of a goat, pig, sheep or provides 500 meals


$250: The gift of a water buffalo or provides 1,250 meals
$500: The gift of a heifer or provides 2,500 meals
$1,000: The gift of two heifers, 4 water buffalo or provides 5,000 meals


$5,000: Lots of the above help

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