Oct 19, 2019


Why Us?

FarmJournalMedia LogoFarm Journal Media has provided information and partnered with farmers for the last 135 years. Now, Farm Journal is looking toward the next 100 years.

The Farm Journal Foundation and the foundation’s long-term, industry-wide campaign titled “Farmers Feeding the World” that is a huge step in securing food and farming for the world in the future. 
“American agriculture stands unique in its ability to alleviate world hunger. American farmers are the most prolific food producers in the world and they are up to the task,” says Andy Weber, chief executive officer for Farm Journal Media. “The Farmers Feeding the World campaign will help educate the public about agriculture’s role in feeding a hungry world, while rallying the agriculture industry around an effort to raise financial support for organizations already on the front lines in fighting global hunger.”
According to the United Nations, 1 billion people across the globe suffer from chronic hunger today. This number is expected to dramatically increase as the world’s population grows to a projected 9 billion by 2050, requiring a 70% increase in the amount of food the world’s farmers produce annually.
“It is our goal to raise at least $20 million annually for charity and education through this campaign,” Weber says. “While many agricultural organizations and companies operate individual fundraising efforts, this campaign is an opportunity for the industry to combine its efforts to do work that is especially meaningful for people everywhere.”


Why donate to Farmers Feeding the World versus other hunger charities? 

Any one of us can donate to any number of many charitable organizations dedicated to hunger-related issues. By donating through the new Farmers Feeding the World, your dollars support organizations which have been thoroughly evaluated and selected specifically for their proven history of delivering successful hunger solutions. Your donation goes to organizations that you can have confidence are of the scale and skill to make the most significant impact. What's more, for the first time you will be pooling your dollars with all of American agriculture to proclaim your belief and pride in American farmers as they face the formidable task of ending hunger and providing food for more than 9 billion people.
Farmers Feeding the World is a two-fold project. Yes, we will feed hungry mouths and help improve people’s lives here and abroad. But we also know educating consumers about modern agriculture will help solve this major problem now and tomorrow.

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