Oct 14, 2019


Why You?

You, as a member of the farming community, are a uniquely blessed person. You know hard work pays off and at the end of the day you can be proud of your farm, family and what you stand for.

You come from a caring, giving community where good morals still rule and lending a helping hand actually means something.

Why should farmers worry about feeding the world? Because together, we can.

You wouldn’t think twice about lending a family member or friend $10 or $100 if you knew it would help them put food on the table.
Now, you can confidently gift that same amount of money to help a family in the United States or some other corner of the world who truly needs just a little help, a small stroke of luck to get their lives back on track.

World hunger is a challenge and a responsibility. Join thousands of your fellow farmers in helping your neighbors far and wide. Donate now.


Make a Donation. 


Get Involved. Lend a dollar, lend a hand,
lend your voice to fight hunger.




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