Jan 18, 2020
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Farming in the Zone

Get off the grid and get in the zone! Learn the ins and outs of zone management and how you can use it to maximize your yields.


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Farming in the Zone Series

  • Earn an A+ in Zone Management
    While farm fields might look similar to a casual passerby, farmers know the differences can be as vast as the field is big.
  • Build Your Nitrogen Trust
    To build a successful variable-rate nitrogen program, it’s essential to have a working knowledge of the nitrogen cycle, nitrogen-supplying power of your soil types and nitrate measurement tools.
  • Lessons Learned Every Year
    For six years, Quincy, Mich., farmer Leon Knirk has varied plant populations by zone to maximize production.
  • Seed to Success
    The momentum behind variable-rate populations has never been greater as farmers seize the opportunity to efficiently position plant populations for maximum yield.
  • Tools of the Trade

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