Oct 14, 2019
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Succession Planning Tools Menu

A family focused on taking constructive action will achieve succession planning success. To aid in the process each step of the way, these tools may help. They are listed in the order of anticipated use. To view or download any tool, click on its name.

Succession Planning Action Guide

Gauge your progress by checking off each action step as you move through the planning process. (Download PDF)

Family Meeting Agenda


Map out your family meeting and discussion topics. (Download PDF)


Conversation Starters

Communication is key throughout the succession process. (Download PDF)


Goals Clarification Worksheet

Take a few minutes to answer these questions, they compare to find common goals. (Download PDF)


Fair vs. Equal Exercise

This worksheet is a tool for exploration and is intended for conversation purposes only. (Download PDF)


Selecting an Adviser

This interview guide will help you identify the best candidate to advise your family during the process. (Download PDF)


Succession Planning Self Assessment

These 20 statements will help you identify your key priorities and potential first steps. (Download PDF)


Ready for Succession?

Get started by ranking your priorities. (Download PDF)


Business Plan Self Assessment

This tool is great for indentifying the strengths and weaknesses of your business plan. (Download PDF)


Unconventional Business Planning Tool

One aspect of effective succession planning and leadership development is to fit the best candidate to each operational role, and ensure that everyone involved is clear about the position’s qualifications and expectations.


Buy/Sell Review

Use this review tool to review your buy/sell agreement periodically. (Download PDF)


Operating Agreement Design Tool

This worksheet is designed to help you discuss the common issues included in an operating agreement. (Download PDF)


Establishing a Family Employment Policy

Organize the details necessary to be included in a family employment policy. (Download PDF)


Job Description Template

It is important to have job descriptions for each position to ensure a good fit for the best candidate. (Download PDF)


Merger Candidate Interview Guide

Using a questionnaire with prospective merger candidates will standardize the process and prompt and informed decision. (Download PDF)


Merger Candidate Evaluation

There are a few business issues that need to be considered about suitability of merger partners. (Download PDF)


Leadership Skills Inventory

Assess potential leaders to determine areas of strength and needed growth. (Download PDF)


Leadership Development Action Plan


Prior to addressing leadership development, we recommend that you update your business plan and operating agreement to reflect ownership transition. (Download PDF)



Ready for Retirement?

It is important to take time to plan for retirement. This tool is designed to help you plan. (Download PDF)


Retirement Income and Expenses

Financial security depends on an honest assessment of what you're likely to have and need. (Download PDF)

Long Term Care Assessment Tool

Long term care insurance is just one part of a family’s contingency plan. It’s critically important to work with your succession planning professional for assistance in determining how it fits into your overall plan. (Download PDF)


Life Insurance Needs Analysis

Life insurance is designed to provide money at the time it's needed most. (Download PDF)


Trust/Will Review

Use this checklist for your trust and will review discussions. (Download PDF)







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