Jan 26, 2020
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Farming the Kenyan Way

Top Producer Editor Jeanne Bernick is traveling through Kenya on the International Federation of Ag Journalists/AgriTerra E-4-D tour. The goal of this tour is to shed light on co-op work in Kenyan agriculture.


You can follow her travels here or on twitter at #topproducermag.


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Jeanne's Travelogue from Africa

  • Feed the Future
    Global hunger initiative focuses on agriculture
  • Top of Mind: Are You Satisfied?
    During a two-week tour of Kenya farms and cooperatives with the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists, I shared meals with farmers, diplomats, elderly women, tribal chiefs and small children.
  • Africa in Full Bloom
    All roses are not created equal, and you should use the right criteria when choosing one, says Hamish Ker, production manager for Oserian, a flower company in Naivasha, Kenya.
  • New Kenyan Constitution Gives Women Land Rights for First Time
    It is estimated by the World Bank that women are responsible for 80% of paid and unpaid labor in food production.
  • Enormous Market Potential for Kenyan Vegetables
    We left Nairobi on Friday morning for Lake Naivasha region and a stop off at the a beautiful viewpoint in the Rift Valley.
  • Banking in Kenya
    This morning we visited banking and banking cooperatives for farmers in Kenya. The most common money lending group in Kenya is called a Sacco (Savings And Credit Cooperative).
  • Cash Crops and Cartels
    Kenya's top export crop is tea, and mostly it is known for its fine black tea, which it sells to Egypt, Pakistan and the UK.
  • Kenyans newest dairy food? Yogurt
    Today was a dairy day. We visited the KCC dairy coop in the Nairobi industrial area and a member farm afterwards.
  • Revolution in African Agriculture
    African farmers are responding to improved opportunities resulting from higher global food prices and increased local demand from growing African cities.
  • A Trip to the Livestock Market Center in Rural Kenya
    Today as part of the IFAJ/Agriterra 2012 Exposure 4 Development Kenya tour, we left early in the morning for the town of Kiserian, south of Nairobi.

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Farming the Kenyan Way

Top Producer's Jeanne Bernick gives you a first-hand look at live in Kenya.

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The main road through a Kenyan village.
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