Oct 19, 2019
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Benefits and Services

Farm Journal guarantees only the best in service and quality assurance for Top Producer Executive Network™ members.

Quality Assurance

Farm Journal will implement a formal quality assurance process to discover member concerns and address them immediately. In addition, a Farm Journal representative will attend all on-farm meetings to ensure top quality delivery of your peer-to-peer experience

Professional Meeting Facilitation

This allows you to receive the maximum benefit for your time by focusing on content and discussion, not process and notes. Facilitators have specific experience in handling and managing group dynamics so all participants make an appropriate contribution and all priority topics receive due consideration.


All participants sign non-disclosure, confidentiality, non-compete agreements to ensure the integrity of the process and to put members at ease regarding sharing of sensitive information, which leads to a meaningful, open exchange.


Farm Journal coordinates travel and lodging arrangements in the host community and distributes a travel information packet for all attendees in advance of the meetings.

Web-based Services

The TPEN home page offers broad access to general TPEN information, links to leading Farm Journal Media websites, and information on news, markets and weather. It also serves as the gateway to individual TPEN group sites.

TPEN group sites are completely confidential and secure and are accessible by password only. Each group website is designed to enhance and manage group activities, information and interaction:

  • Group calendar
  • Meeting agendas, minutes and presentations
  • Archive for group information, data and files
  • Chat/IM capabilities
  • TPEN e-mail system including "TPEN" address
  • Direct link to confidential group conference calling and web-meeting tools