Oct 23, 2019
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Power in Peer Groups

The Top Producer Executive Network will assemble advisory boards for top farmers

By Jeanne Bernick, Top Producer editor

Jeanne BernickWhen top producers talk about things that transform their business, my ears perk up. So when Ohio farmer Les Imboden, the state’s largest irrigated grain producer, said that joining a farmer peer group was his "single best business decision," I took note.

"I’d been doing things my own way for so long, I needed to be challenged by other like-minded, successful producers," says Imboden, who joined a panel discussion on peer groups at our Top Producer Seminar in early February. He calls his peer group "transformational," prompting him to view his operation with new perspective and question his way of thinking. Danny Klinefelter, Texas A&M University economist and director of The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers (TEPAP), considers peer groups "the final step" in management improvement for top producers.

A Group for You. Throughout the years, a number of you have asked us to develop a peer-to-peer network. Farm Journal Media is pleased to announce its Top Producer Executive Network, the first national network for executive producers. This program will assemble groups of top farmers to act as advisory boards for one another. Modeled after peer-to-peer networks in other industries, the Top Producer Executive Network will facilitate on-farm meetings for each group in the network and provide members with valuable, strategic advice from like-minded peers in a noncompetitive atmosphere. Members will also have access to research resources and the ability to benchmark their operation against others.

What sets the Top Producer Executive Network apart from other peer groups is our depth and breadth of knowledge in agriculture. Farm Journal Media is a trusted organization with a 135-year track record of service in the ag community. Our company will act only as a third-party umbrella organization, with no motive to sell products. We are committed to protecting your confidentiality and to helping you take your business to the next level. To make sure we get this right, Danny Klinefelter, who has a long history in peer advisory group development and consultation, has agreed to serve as advisory chairman for the network. For more information, e-mail me directly at jbernick@farmjournal.com.

There are successful farmer peer groups in the U.S. and internationally. It’s time for more top producers to embrace this concept. Agriculture has been on a good run for several years, but it’s inevitable we will experience a downturn and further consolidation. Those left standing will be the producers who have learned to build strong relationships and think strategically. Peer groups provide a foundation for developing the best in agriculture.


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