Oct 19, 2019
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TPEN Reflection: Strategy

Negotiations with vendors take place almost daily. Hiring, managing and retaining employees requires well-thought-through roles and plans. Relationships with land owners and related rental and information-sharing strategies may be crucial to your success. Successfully positioning your products or services with customers requires differentiation from competitors. Even relationships with family members inside and outside of the business often need a thoughtful, strategic approach. It’s difficult to "open up" about these strategies at a local level. However, your peer group provides useful feedback and ideas on your strategies you can use to improve right away.

Take Action

What’s a strategy around equipment or land rental or employee benefits or family communication that has worked really well for you? Capture this "strategic approach" in a way that you can share it next time you are together with your group.

On behalf of the TPEN facilitation team,
Lance Woodbury


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