Oct 14, 2019
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What TPEN Members Are Saying

Nearly 30 farming operations and 45 top producers from 13 states began their experience this summer in Farm Journal Media’s Top Producer Executive Network™ (TPEN), the nation’s first peer-to-peer net¬work for top agricultural producers.

Since the new program was announced in early 2012, four groups have been formed, representing more than 200,000 acres of row crops along with significant livestock operations and numerous other business interests.

Peer-to-peer network members benefit from the opportunity to openly share information with other top producers in a focused effort to build relationships and business practices.

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Testimonials from TPEN Members...

"My TPEN group gathered for the first time this summer and I feel I’ve already garnered some benefit. I took away a combination of both subtle perspective-changers, as well as some concrete ideas that were easy to put to use. Our group seemed to bond very quickly, and I look forward to our future meetings and continued discovery."
—Blake Hollis, Lanehaven Farm, Waterloo, IA
"After going through the process, meeting my group and seeing the host farm’s operations, I have already found areas where I can make a change to pay for the cost of the program. The first on-farm visit was an eye-opener for my own operations.

I am very impressed with the farmers in my group and am looking forward to our next meeting. When paying the tuition to join a program like this, it automatically weeds out farmers who would not be as interested in personal growth. The first meeting was a long drive and huge time commitment, but people wanted to be there to share and learn."
—Dan Moore, Moore Grain Inc., Blue Earth, MN
"The first on-farm meeting from the TPEN program was phenomenal. TPEN is the one tool that I have been looking for to advance my operation. A lot of thought went into forming the groups and I am honored and thankful for my group.
During our on-farm meeting, we were all very open and honest; it was the first time I was in an environment where I could talk about anything in my operation and have total trust with the group. There were no egos, everyone shared great information and the opportunity to learn from one another was priceless.
We are looking forward to a whole new level of performance for our operation and we will get there with the TPEN program and this great group. I have already come away with ideas that will pay back the cost of the program and in the future the savings will be ten times more. I am truly deeply honored to be a part of this group."
—Lee Lubbers, Lubbers Farms Inc., Gregory, SD
"Having a group that is based on trust, that is completely confidential, where we can share and give feedback and connect with others is perfect for us – especially as we deal with the drought, market volatility and uncertainty with the farm bill. The necessity of networking with high-level thinkers, like the types of people in the TPEN groups, is imperative at this time.

Gaining the perspective and ideas from other farmers that I trust and are living the same life as me is very valuable; they may say things I don’t want to hear but we all just want to help each other get stronger. There just isn’t any other place to do this in a safe haven like TPEN."
—Les Imboden, Imboden Farms, Ashville, OH
"In our group we did more than just benchmarking and comparing numbers; we dug deep into the issues that we all struggle with. Our group consisted of top-notch people taking the time to help each other improve. From the minute we arrived at the on-farm meeting, it was game-on from all the group members.
The overall cost of the program is ridiculously small if you go into the program ready to apply yourself and listen to the feedback from your peers. TPEN is an awesome format for getting advice from folks at all different phases of their careers. As our operation grows we learned there is no magic bullet, so pulling from other’s experiences is priceless to determine what will be best for our business."
—Michelle and John Stewart, Spirit Family Farms, Sheridan, IL

"Having a peer group provides a new level of accountability for excellence. Knowing that you have a group of peers who essentially focus as a board of directors provides a new sense of urgency for addressing problems and putting systems in place to move to the next level.
We had a TPEN conference call this past week, circling back to address and measure some of our objectives. Two of our staff traveled to meet with another TPEN member for two days—and the time was well spent. I thing we are going a long way in building relationships within our network. I’m really excited about Farm Journal Media’s focus in this area."
—Kip Tom, Tom Farms, Leesburg, IN

"Coming together as a group was very beneficial and we learned from the others’ operations. As the host farm, we also benefitted from examining areas of our own operation that we don’t typically review. TPEN members learn from being critiqued on sensitive issues, but you get that important push and shove to move things in the right direction.
The value of TPEN ranks above going to conferences; with TPEN, I will follow-up and improve vs. just going to a conference and gaining a few good ideas but never doing anything with them. I consider TPEN very important and valuable to our operation."
—Dannie Gingerich, Gingerich Farms, Lovington, IL